Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stencils: Tips & Techniques

Stencil designs are easily applied using Disguise Stix makeup and a sponge. Cut a tablet sponge into 6 pie-shaped wedges and load the rounded part of the wedge with coloring.

Step 1:

Sponge on a light background color. Let dry before placing stencil to face.

Step 2:

Press stencil firmly against skin. Sponge on coloring to create the star's drop shadow.

Step 3: 

Load multiple colors onto sponge to create a gradient effect within your star.

Star 4:

Carefully remove stencil to avoid smudging the paint while it is still moist.

Add some glitter!

Simply sprinkle any of Graftobian's 24 shades of face painting glitter onto the design while it is still moist.

Want a specific area to have glitter? Use a paintbrush with paint on it, dip in glitter, then paint the face.

If you wish to clean up a stencil design that is a little smudged, use a sponge-tipped corrector. Just lightly moisten the tip of the corrector and use it like an eraser to remove unwanted coloring.

The finished look!

Products used:

Stencil Kit
Disguise Stix 
Cosmetic Powdered Glitter 
Sponge-Tipped Corrector
Face Painting Book