Thursday, April 9, 2015

Face Painting: Bubbles

Disguise Stix Series: Bubbles 

Step 1: 

Apply fish shape using Venus Purple and Clown White.

Step 2: 

Use Clown White to add scales and eyes.

Step 3: 

Paint half of the lips red. Mix Clown white 
and Venus Purple to make light purple bubbles. 

Step 4: 

Add a bit of Clown White for highlights. 
Use both Martian Green and Deep Sea Green for the seaweed. Outline the fish with Midnight Black.  

Step 5:

Pucker up! 

Find all of the Disguise Stix colors here.  

We also have Disguise Stix in Mini sizes! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Face Painting: Upside Down Clown

Disguise Stix Series: Upside Down Clown

Step 1:

Paint Crypt Green and Sunshine Yellow elongated semi-circles under both eyes.

Step 2:

Use Ice Blue to shape both noses and cheeks.

Step 3: 

Apply Lovely Lilac and Fuchsia Fun to both "mouths." Paint on Contour details, and use a sponge where you wish to create a gradient. Finish with Midnight Black details.

And you're done! Go on and smile...or not.

Makeup used: Disguise Stix

Pro Paint™ vs Disguise Stix

For quite some time now, in fact since 1978 to be exact, Graftobian has been manufacturing Disguise Stix Makeup.  These Stix are an easy to use, non-toxic, soap-based, temporary coloring for skin and hair, and are also ideal for children.

Disguise Stix

Recently, Graftobian has added ProPaint™ for face and body painting to the collection.  ProPaint™ has a glycerin-based formula and works up a rich, creamy texture when activated by water.


So what's the difference?

Price- Disguise Stix are a fun and inexpensive way for beginners to learn how to face and/or body paint. They're affordable in both the regular, mini sizes, and dishes.  ProPaint™ costs a bit more in price and is available in only one size.  Regular Disguse Stix: 1/8 oz of product. ProPaint™:  1 oz of product.

Base- Disguise Stix are a mild soap-based paint and are intended for children.  They wash off easily with soap and water. Can also be removed from clothing, bathtub walls, rubber duckies, etc. ProPaint™ has a glycerin-based formula for unbeatable pigmentation and coverage. It lasts a bit longer on the skin.

Water Activated- Both of these paints are water activated. Simply dip the Stix in a cup of water and load the paint up onto a dry sponge. If the sponge is too wet, the coloring will be weak. ProPaint™ works up a rich creamy texture when activated by water. Take a sponge or brush, dip in water and lather onto the ProPaint™.

Fragrance: Both are fragrance-free!

Which one would you get? ProPaint  or Disguise Stix ?