Monday, May 18, 2015

Global Correction Collection

New Global Correction Collection
Graftobian now offers a selection of High Definition Glamour Cremes in our Super Palette (18 shade) configuration.

Our Global Correction Collection is a very convenient way for an artist to do corrective work on any skin tone or ethnicity.

Using opposite color theory, these shades work to neutralize any color that you wish to adjust.

Perfect to color correct, highlight and contour ANY skin tone.

Many of these shades are available in individual sizes.

Glamour Creme Correction and Contour Palettes

HD Creme Corrector Light and Dark shades are available in 1/4 oz individual sizes. Our HD Corrector shades are ideal for neutralizing discoloration.
HD Creme Contour Light and Dark shades are also available in 1/4 oz individual sizes. These HD Contour shades are ideal for contouring and highlighting.

Contour Palettes Light and Dark:

Inspiration for the Global Correction Collection

"I've been a fan of Graftobian HD Beauty products for quite a while now. The HD Glamour Creme and Powder Foundations have become staples in my kit, especially for male grooming because of their perfect level of coverage and natural look on camera.

"I was at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show and asked Eric Coffman of Graftobian why they hadn't expanded the collection to include a corrector palette for medium/dark skin tones and why they hadn't addressed the growing trend for highlight/contour kits and create palettes to accommodate all global skin tones?

"Thanks to my assertive questioning and the good nature of a very gracious company owner, Graftobian now offers two Color Corrector and two Highlight/Contour palettes for Light/Medium and Medium/Dark skin tones. We also designed a Global Super Palette (shown at top)."

--Kevin James Bennett
Makeup Art + Design Enterprises

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