Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Halloween: Our Top Picks

At Graftobian, we can't help but get a little excited about the upcoming Halloween Season. We've got a few of our favorite things listed below and some tips to get you in the Halloween spirit.

1) ProPaint™: This all-purpose face and body paint is great for Halloween. It utilizes a rich, pigmented, and ultra-durable formula, delivering exceptional results. When activated by water, ProPaint™ blends seamlessly.

Tip: The less water you add to your brush/sponge, the more vivid the color will be.  The more water you add, the more shear the color.

Makeup by Andrea O'Donnell

2) Character Kits: If you're doing your own makeup, the fun begins with our easy to use character kits. These bad boys come with everything you need to become a zombie, cat, werewolf, skull, clown, etc! Step by step instructions are also included, as well as costume and prop suggestions.

Makeup by Nick Wolfe

3) Blood!: If you still haven't got your costume/look figured out by October 31st, we can guarantee that our bloods will be your best friend(s). We've recently restocked our shelves with the popular F/X Gelatin™, which delivers burned and mangled skin effects. Blood Paste, Stage Blood, Blood Gel, Blood Paste, Buckets O'Blood, and Magic Blood Powder, are also fine options.

Tip: Do NOT boil or microwave F/X Gelatin™ . Instead, heat the bottle in a hot water bath for a few minutes until it is fluid. Layer all three colors for a pleasantly gruesome surprise!

4) Modeling Wax: For those who wish to make scars, bumps, warts, cuts, etc., Modeling Wax is for you. Our formula is pliable yet sticky enough to hold up under stress.

Tip: Apply Spirit Gum to the area. Tap with finger until it's tacky. Press a ball of Wax onto the gummed area and make your desired shape. Use a small amount of makeup remover on your fingertip to smooth the wax. Paint several quick drying coats of Flexible Wax Sealer over the wax area. Add blood and makeup to achieve your desired look. Remove with Spirit Gum Remover.

 Video and Makeup by MadeYewLook on YouTube

5) Cosmetic Powdered Metals: Oh, boy. There's a reason these guys are so popular.  Just take a look at that picture! It's a's a powdered metal...and now it's a liquid metal! Think of the Tin Man, metal statues, golden summer fairies, or just make a statement with this fun stuff.

Tip: Mix a teeny amount of Magic Set™ Mixing Medium with the powder in a dish to create a liquid.  The Magic Set™ will be more durable and give the metal more vibrancy than water.

Lips done by @VladaMUA