Friday, May 20, 2016

The Best Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day.  Save the beauty trends for the guests and stick to the classic look: neutral eye makeup, skin with that natural glow, and a bride looking like the best version of herself.

Why HD? A lot of pictures will be taken on this special day. Graftobian HD makeup will stay on the longest and look flawless under the scrutiny of daylight and high definition cameras. Graftobian is used by both professional makeup artists and everyday makeup wearers alike; it is ideal for absolutely anyone.

Skin Prep: Do makeup application within thirty minutes of cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Shine-free makeup is essential for a long day of celebration. Prep and prime the face with Graftobian's Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer. This will prevent oils from degrading the makeup.

Discolorations: Make any necessary corrections with the Global Corrector Palette. Use opposite color theory to neutralize discolorations. For example, the soft orange can be used to neutralize blue shadows, like under eye circles. The yellow can be used to correct deep red and purple shades of the face, like areas around the nose and mouth. Use the color wheel as a guide. 

When brightening the under eye area, press the makeup into the skin, rather than dragging the makeup to avoid streaks. Set with LuxeCashmere™ Setting powder.

The Global Corrector Palette allows one to correct virtually ANY skin shade, as well as to contour and highlight. 

If you need more coverage to cover up tattoos, the Tattoo Wheel will do the trick. The shades in the wheels are formulated with a theatrical base, which means there's more pigmentation. This strength of coverage handles extreme discoloration solutions

Stick to Neutral Eye Makeup: Use a wash of Apricot eye shadow in the crease and buff it out, using windshield motions. Blend Cinnamon Toast into the Apricot shade, and into the outer V of the eye to elongate the eyes.

Press Gentle Mauve into the inner area of the eyelid. Use Grey Cloud in the outer V to add depth. Next, line the eyes with Black Velvet ProPencil liner on the upper lash line. Run a small amount of Medium Cocoa or Dark Chocolate along the lower lash line with a pencil brush and into the black liner, flicking it upward.

Clean brows: Use a color that's at least one shade lighter than your brows. Mix shades to get the desired color and use light strokes to fill in the brows. Sharpen the area under the brow by cleaning up with a flat brush and concealer.

Foundation: Graftobian's HD Cremes have no SPF, so there won't be any flashback in photos. The highly pigmented HD Cremes have a matte finish, allowing one to add a highlight if they desired.  

If you're the makeup artist, chances are you have a number of jobs coming up. We want you to have makeup to suit a number of different skin tones in your kit. For example, you might be working on the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, and other members of the family, all with different skin tones. Shown counter clockwise below: Neutral, Warm, and Cool. The Global Corrector Palette is in the upper right.

Knowing your undertone: 

Warm(the most common): Bronze or yellow skin tone that tans easily; the veins in your wrist appear green
Neutral: A little bit of both; the veins in your wrist appear both blue and green
Cool: Pale pinkish skin that tens to burn easily; the veins in your wrist appear blue

Graftobian's GlamAire™ Airbrush is a water-base formula with a matte finish. Each of the 64 shades in this collection have an exact HD Creme match!

Make sure to match the skin tone of the face to that of the neck and arms: If the neck and arms are tan, the face should match. Blend in the area around the jaw to avoid any harsh lines.

Bronzer: Add a bit of color by contouring with our HD Matte Body Bronzers. Start near the ear, and move the brush forward once most of the product has already been distributed. Press into the hair line and blend out. Graftobian offers two quad palettes--HD Matte, and Vitale™ Shimmer-- in addition to compacts

Flushed cheeks: Blush will be the first layer to come off unless you use an oil-absorbing formula like our HD Blush Powders. Use a rosy blush in the upper regions of the cheeks. Below are the Cool and Warm Blush Palettes.

Pink lips: Even the most durable lipstick rubs off by the end of the day. Prevent this by lining the lips with the Natural ProPencil lip liner. Wear a light pink lipstick and top with lip gloss. Shown below are the Super Lip Palette and SuperSeal™ Intense Shine Lip Gloss.